A great way to spend the day in Junin is to hike through our primary forests. There are several marked trails throughout the forest and our guides are happy to take you on a hike through the forest. Around the Junin Cabins are three different waterfalls. The last of the three is the largest, and also the farthest away. The third waterfall is about a 5-6 hour walk away through beautiful, cloud forests. We will provide you with lunch and water if you are interested in hiking to these falls. Afterward, to cool off, you can go for a swim in the Chaguayaco River. Although a little chilly, after a long hike, it is a great way to relax. Let our guides help you find to best part of the river for swimming. 

Junin is a great place to see wildlife. We have a map of different look out points throughout the forest, which provdie a great opportunity to see some of our many species of animals. We recommend bringing a pair of binoculars so that you can see the toucans and other species of birds flying overhead. However, we do have a few pairs of small binoculars that our guests can borrow. The area is also home to a great diversity of plant species. Talking a walk around the cabin will allow you to see hundreds of species of plants. We also have an Orchid garden just outside the Cabins, and we are working on identifying all the species for our guests.

While staying at the Cabins, you can also walk down to the community of Junin. It is a 20 minute walk down the road and is home to about 40 families, a church and a small store. Feel free to spend part of your day in town. There are two volleyball courts in the center where members of the community come to play in the late afternoon. Stay and watch the Ecuavolley matchs, the Ecuadorian version of volleyball, or a soccer game. The town is also home to a few organic coffee growers. There is also a site where aguardiente, a type of liquor, is produced. If you would like a tour of one of these farms, ask a member of our staff and we will set it up for you.

Lastly, you can spend the day at our cabins. There are hammocks in our Gazebo and on the top floor of the Cabins. Lie down, relax and watch butterflies fly by in the afternoon. If you are looking for a book to read (in English or in Spanish), we have a little library at the Cabins for your convenience.

If you or your group are interested, we can also have a member of the Junin community come to the cabins to talk with you about Junin's history. It is a good opportunity to learn about Junin's struggle against mining and how it has impacted the community. At night, we have a local music composer that can come by to play music, so that you can dance or relax the night away.