Getting to Junin

If you are traveling from Quito: Buses leave from Quito’s northern bus terminal (Carcelen) for Otavalo approximately every 15 minutes and cost $2.00. The ride to Otavalo takes about 2 hours. Once in Otavalo, take the Transportes Otavalo Busline from Otavalo's only bus terminal to Garcia Moreno. Buses depart for Garcia Moreno at approximately 8, 10 and 2PM (ask at the ticket counter for the exact times). The ride is about 3 ½ hours and costs $3.00.

Once you are in Garcia Moreno, there are three options: you can do a three-hour hike through the goregeous Andes with a guide for $15, hire a private truck for $25 or you can arrive in a truck that leaves Garcia Moreno for Junin around 2PM every day for $2. It takes about 1 hour to arrive at our Cabins.