DECOIN was founded in January 1995 as a grass-roots, environmental organization to find ways to conserve the unique biodiversity in the Intag area of northwestern Ecuador. The area is part of two of the world's most important biotic regions, the Tropical Andes, and the Choc—-Darien Western-Ecuadorian Biological Hotpots. The area of influence of our work encompasses several life zones, including tropical rain forests, and cloud forests.

INTAG Newspaper

INTAG is a monthly community newspaper produced by and for the 15,000 residents of Intag. It is a 2,200 km2 region located on the northwestern flanks of the Ecuadorian Andes. The newspaper was born at a workshop held in October 2000 in Apuela. Participants included members of Intag’s grassroots organizations, including Defensa y Conservación Ecológica de Intag (DECOIN), the first regional environmental organization; Asociación Agroartesanal de Caficultores Río Intag (AACRI), a coffee grower’s association; Mujer y Medio Ambiente, the first group of women artisans in Intag; Guardabosques Voluntarios Flor de Mayo, Intag’s first community-based, conservation group whose members belong to a soccer club; local elected officials and concerned residents.