We would love for you to come and volunteer! There are various volunteer opportunities in and around Junin.  Our volunteer opportunities include teaching English at a local school, teaching computer classes, building and maintaining our trails, helping us with our vegetable garden on the property and working on a farm with someone from the community.

We also currently have a volunteer opportunity involving our Orchid garden that is right next to the Cabins. We need volunteers to help fix up the garden and create more spaces for the Orchids. We are also looking for volunteers who have a greater knowledge about the plant because we are working on placing sign with scientific names just to each Orchid. So if you know about Orchids, please give us a call.

Volunteers can stay at the Cabins. The price is $25 for a single volunteer per night. However, if you come with another volunteer (or more), the price is $20 per person each night. This price includes three meals each day. Volunteers can also live with a host family in the community (depending on availability) for $15 per person. This option also includes three meals a day.

For more information contact: Rosario

-(593) 88 871 860 (from outside Ecuador)

-088 871 860 (from Ecuador)

If you cannot reach Rosario, contact: Marcia

-(593) 81 491 654 (from outside Ecuador)

-081 491 654 (from Ecuador)

Or via email:

ecojunin@yahoo.es (Please write emails in Spanish, if possible)

ramirez83m@gmail.com (Please write emails in Spanish, if possible)
 “Supporting the ecoturism in Junin is a direct way of supporting the stuggle against mining in the biodiverse resereve. It is also a great way of conserving the flower and fauna of the area, and for these reasons, I’ve really enjoyed my time in Junin,”

Jeff Crooks, a student at the University of Nevada.